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Copy this reference number before clicking the 'make a payment' button:   100568581

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Bank ANZ - Croydon
A/C Name Computerbiz
BSB 013 278
A/C Number 9060 24025

Note: Don't forget to include the invoice number in your description.

Computerbiz is a trading name of Oscco Pty. Ltd.

Payment Option Notes

For your convenience we have provided three payment options: StrataPay, PayPal and Bank Transfer. Please feel free to use whichever one you prefer.

StrataPay is an Australian based service that has been offering secure online payments for over 10 years. PayPal, with over 150 million active users worldwide, is one of the largest and most experienced payment gateways. And if you are used to paying your bills online via Internet Banking, then that may be your best choice.