'The Cloud' Made Easy!

The cloud is a metaphor that has evolved from diagrams depicting the internet as a cloud. Cloud computing simply means storing and accessing data and, or programs over the Internet.

To understand Cloud computing consider that clouds are essentially a network of layers. The front layer is similar to what you experience when you access your Facebook profile or log into your bank account. Your computer or smart phone interacts with software running on the front layer. The back end of the cloud consists of the actual hardware that secures & stores the data.

The cloud provider is the entity that provides security and maintains the physical resources (hardware and software). There are both public & private cloud providers. Public clouds sell their services to anyone on the internet ie: Amazon. Private clouds on the other hand, are proprietary fee based networks that supply hosted services to a select number of people or companies.


Business Benefits

Using a hosted service (private cloud) could significantly reduce your operating costs, and provide you with greater flexibility.

  • The Provider maintains hardware & implements software upgrades, reducing your onsite & licensing costs.
  • Cloud users can experiment & choose the best option for them.
  • Pay for what you use, and pay as you grow options.
  • File sharing & 24/7 access to data & applications, remotely via the internet.
  • Offsite backup and 24/7 monitoring services available.
  • NETWORK means there’s no single point of failure, service is always up.

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