Cloud Backup

Backups are one of those boring IT things that are usually performed poorly in Small Business but if not done correctly pose one of the biggest risks to your business. Backups are done to protect against Data corruption, Hard Drive failure, theft or damage to your PC from accidents such as a fire.

Imagine losing the days, weeks or months of your financial data, quotes or other Critical Business Data, how much time would it take you to rebuild that information? In many cases it is not viable or possible to reconstruct your information and can have a detrimental cost on your business.

Small Business Backup Problems

In Small business Local or Onsite Backups tend to fail because:

  • Local devices such as Tapes, USB or Backup Hard Drives fill up or become Unavailable
  • Someone doesn’t regularly change the Backup device
  • Backups are not stored Offsite regularly
  • Backups are not checked for successful completion
  • Setup to only Backup the latest version of files

Faulty hard drive

The Solution

Computerbiz uses the power of Cloud Backups to solve the typical short falls of Onsite Backups, the benefits are:

  • No requirement of local Backup Hard Drives
  • Scheduled Backups means no reliance on staff to run the Backup
  • Backups are stored Offsite immediately, in Australian DataCentres and using 256-Bit Encryption to ensure your Data is secure
  • You receive a report when your Backup is complete, we will also Monitor your Backup to ensure all is working
  • Multiple Backups are kept to provide different Point in Time Recovery options 

Cloud backup